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Chris Coulter: Senior Loan Officer

Chris has been in the home lending industry for 18 years and has an excellent track record for being a top industry performer. His experience is vital to delivering an efficient experience from home contract to home closing. Chris stays on the cutting edge of product guideline updates.

Many have a very inward approach trying to navigate internal changes in our industry. While this is important, they have lost sight of the reason we are in this business in the first place… to deliver a World Class experience. Chris understands his customers’ needs, communicating effectively throughout the loan process and closing our loans on time.

Chris and his wife, Shanna, has been married for over 16 years and they have 5 children.

Chris Coulter

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“I had a terrible refinance experience with a mortgage broker I found on a popular online banking website. I was worried about the same problem happening when we moved to GA and needed a mortgage. I decided to go with a real person I could see face to face. My experience working with Chris was the exact opposite of what happened with the online broker. Chris answered every question I had, and even gave me information I never knew I needed! I never had to leave a voicemail or wait for a returned call. Chris was available to me during the entire process. In fact, I ended up refinancing a couple of years after our initial mortgage with Chris, and we had the same excellent customer service and support. I cannot recommend Chris highly enough, and would use him for all of my future mortgage/refinancing needs.”
S. Smith, Client